About Me

I am primarily a ASP.NET C# web and mobile developer with many different angles. As the industry has changed I have learned to wear many hats in order to facilitate the work that needed to be done. I have done everything from database/project architecture to Photoshopping images. My value isn't only in the fact that I am very skilled in many different areas, but also that I am more than happy to learn and adapt to whatever new technology and changes may come.

I currently reside in Mapleton Utah with my wonderful wife and two energy packed kids. My passion after my family is code, and I spend most of my waking hours working on something code related. I love the diversity of my profession, where I can work on anything from mobile apps, complex API's, to web pages, to windows service apps. The fact that there is never an ending to my learning in this field is what keeps me in love with what I do.

Q and A

Q: What are my greatest strengths?

A: I am a team player who is willing to wear many different hats in order to get the job done. Although my primary skills reside in code, I have also done anything from photography, music, video production, travel, sales and more in order to make a project a success. I am always willing to take on something new, and excel at it.

Q: How do I stay up to date with technology changes?

A: I attend events such as Code Camp and others to help stay abreast of changes and to mingle with others. I love Pluralsight, and spend regular time on there either brushing up on tech I haven't used in awhile, or seeing the latest and greatest. I also subscribe to many different Youtube channels, such as 'ASP.NET Community Standup' with Scott Hanselman and crew. Doing these things keeps me up to date to the minute on what's going on in the world of code. This same collection is also an invaluable asset for problem solving and extremely complex issues.

Q: What is my greatest weakness?

A: Easy, tangents. I have tendency to be working on something, and see something else that could use improvement, and then really wanting to fix that other thing right then and there. This is a problem I am more than aware of, and I have become quite good at acknowledging it when it surfaces, and suppressing it. After that, I tend to be a perfectionist, and if I don't keep myself on a leash I can spend more time than needed on micro issues that most people wouldn't even notice.

Q: Where do I see myself in 5-10 years?

A: Doing exactly what I am doing right now, but hopefully being the perfected master of my craft and go-to source for others.


I originally went to school for commercial aviation to become a pilot.

I was about to take my tests to become a flight instructor, when my wife and I decided to change course on my career. This was mainly due to post 911 effects and the sagging industry as a whole. I was already involved in computers, and code (and have been so since I was a kid) so it was an easy decision to make computers my career focus. I currently have 320 flight hours with a private, instrument and commercial rating.

One of my favorite passions in life is biking (mountain or road)

I am an avid mountain and road biker. I everything from commuting to work, to racing the 202 mile LOTOJA (Logan to Jackson Hole). I love biking so much that I even became an owner/founder of Noble Cycling in Spanish Fork Utah.

I am a photography enthusiast, and take photos for fun and for professional purposes. I have done photography for my own web projects, as well as client projects. My photos have been used for anything from web, to print, to billboards.
In 2004 I made a children's feature length stop-motion claymation pilot just to try something new.

I submitted it to a handful of children's film festivals, sadly it wasn't accepted by any of them. I did however learn patience because of this project.

Throughout the years in my remote spare time, I enjoying attempting to write/create music for games and simple videos. All though my music is most certainly amateur, I think it shows how I like to diversify and try to expand my horizons.
I have been dabbling with designs, logos, and illustrations for quite some time in an effort to expedite projects.